January, 2009

“Who Rules the GOP?”

Its easy to dismiss the blathering idiocy of Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh, but I know too many people that take these buffoons seriously without realizing how terminally wrong they are to a fault. Pointing to the internets and blogs does not help; instead it is more likely to reinforce the authority of these blowhards in the conservative mind.

This is part of the reason I’m fascinated by the changing dynamics in right-wing noise machine as it tries to adjust to the left-ward shift in power in Washington. Witness (via DKos): GOP Congressman Apologizes For Offending Limbaugh Fans.

These guys are “all in” as far as Obama is concerned, esp. Limbaugh and his pronouncements about hoping the Administration fails, and they’ve staked a lot of their credibility on those “hopes”.  So here’s to the inauspicious and rapid demise of Rush and his idiot squad!

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If you’ve seen one World Cup, you’ve seen them all.

Not a big fan of soccer.  Maybe this study from University of the Basque Country Researchers sheds some light on why the popularity of “soccer”  in the United States remains stagnant.

The main conclusion is that the way in which the teams play has not varied over the three World Cups studied. “Today we would not be able to distinguish between a game played by teams in the France ’98 World Cup and one played in Germany ’06,” the researchers point out.

Certainly the same cannot be said for the SuperBowl.

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Snow Bound

I’ve been given the message to stay home.  I think our school district was the only one in Central New York open today.  But even as the older creeps went to school, I had to stay home with the 2-year old who would simply not stop coughing.  The Queen Bee is at her mother’s only 2 days out of the hospital after her double mastectomy and reconstruction.  Obviously I can’t complain about being stuck with our 3 girls, but after spending all day with a rug-rat glued to my leg, I was definitely in the mood for some adult company.

Damn You Snow!

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What happened?

I feel compelled to start this blog thing up again…

I’m trying to think about what has gone on since the last post.  Toward the end of 2007 we became committed to finding a new house.  With three girls and our general disappointment with the city school district, we realized it was time to move to a bigger spread.  And how prescient my wife was on several counts.  We got our financing and found our house around January and February 2008 right before the housing markets hit the fan.  I’m not sure if things would have played out so smoothly for us if we had waited any longer.

We moved into our new home June 2008 and it still doesn’t feel real most significantly because my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2008.  Its been coping with that news – chemotherapy and planning for surgery – ever since.  She had her surgery today and thinking back over the last year I feel clobbered by everything.

And we have a new President.

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