Every morning she poops!  Creep-3 is 18 months and every morning I get her into the car to drive her to day care and she poops.   This is why I can’t blog about Evolution, or music, or Iraq.  Got to run – its almost 8 o’clock and she pooped.

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Reversing Marketing to Kids

One parenting tools I stumbled upon I’m going to call “reverse marketing”. It started with our oldest daughter (Creep 1) around the time that one of the Shrek movies was coming out (Shrek 2) I believe.  I started pointing out how whenever you saw a cartoon like Shrek at the grocery store, it would always turn out to be junk food – which is in fact the case 99% of the time.  And then to top it off, I’d go on to admonish Shrek, why would such a nice Ogre sell junk food to kids no less.  Shame on Shrek.
This turned out to work maybe too well as Creep 1 would spend a shopping trip yelling out, “look daddy, Shrek is selling junk food again!” or “That girl’s buying junk food” pointing to someone with soda in their cart.  This habit has been extended now with Creep 2, now 4 years old, “Spiderman selling junkfood” etc.    And yes we try to put strict limits on the food our kids eat, but they still enjoy the occasional candy, soda, or other junk food snack.  We’re not Ogres after all.

But what a nice marketing shortcut: cartoon on the packages, its junkfood!   Thanks marketing geniuses.  Nice working with ya!

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